Mountain hiking on the 9th of June

Note: I was supposed to let you know of the weather condition. The weather prediction is occasional showers, so we will definitely go. It will only be cancelled if it is raining at around 6:00am. If you see it raining tomorrow at around 6:00am, just go back to bed, otherwise, we see each other as planned.  Have a good night. Hamid


A mountain hiking is arranged for hiking Mt Cootha on Sunday 9/06/2013. We will meet at Slaugthers falls picnic area at 6:30am. We will start the climb at 6:45am up on the mountain through Hovea Track, Aboriginal Art track and Summit tracks to the Mt Cootha lookout where we stay for a rest of 15 minutes enjoying the breathtaking city views Mt Cootha offers before climbing down for breakfast. We will have breakfast together at the picnic area, and then go home. Scrambeled eggs, sunny side ups, BBQ sausages and orange juice plus tea and coffee are provided by the Structural Retrofit Group for those who RSVP by 7/06/2013 through emailing Nariman ( Please bring your camera, a pair of good hiking shoes and a jumper as early mornings are cold. Also do not forget a bottle of drinking water and your sunscreen. Map of Mt Cootha and the track are below.


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