We have active partnership or collaboration with the following universities, research centres, research institutes and the industry.


Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety

University of New South Wales

Contacts: Prof. Brian Uy and Prof. Mark Bradford

Founded by Scientia Professor and Australian Laureate Professor Mark Bradford, CIES is well-known in both Australia and around the world for its cutting edge research in Structural Engineering. Dr Ronagh did his PhD under Prof. Bradford in the 1990′s and since, there has been a very long history of fruitful collaboration between him and Prof. Bradford. Since the return of Prof. Uy to UNSW as the director of CIES, discussions have been made to bring the collaborations to a fresh new level including joint supervision of PhD students, and joint grant applications.


Research Group in Emerging Structural Materials and Systems

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Contact: Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, Dean, Faculty of Construction and Environment

ESMS is a dynamic group well-known internationally for its advanced research on advanced materials. They are being developed at three related fronts: (a) the use of FRP composites and other technologies for the seismic retrofit of concrete structures within the framework of performance-based seismic engineering; (b) the development of intelligent high-performance concrete structures that incorporate FRP composites and various smart embedded sensors; (c) the development of fire-resistant fibre-reinforced cementitious composites for structural strengthening/retrofit applications. Agreement is made to exchange PhD students on short visits to each other’s institution. A PhD student of the Sructural retrofit group (Mr Abolfazl Eslami) visited ESMS in April for two weeks.


Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability

University of New Castle

Contact: Prof. Rob Melchers,

The Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability (CIPAR) is quite well-known in Australia and overseas for its research in the area of reliability. Prof. Rob Melchers of CIPAR is co-supervising a PhD student of our group on reliability issues associated with design for adequate ductility in reinforced concrete beams. Mr Hassan Baji has visited the University of New castle in February 2013 for two weeks to get acquainted with the work of Prof. Melchers.


VecTor analysis Group 

University of Toronto

Contact: Prof. Frank Vecchio

VecTor Analysis Group are well-known for their series of VecTor software which are unique in many aspects including their suitability for simulating full cyclic behaviour of reinforced concrete. One of our PhD students is going to visit the University of Toronto in June 2013 in order to become more familiar with the work of VecTor group.


Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure

Swinburne University of Technology

Contact: Prof. Riadh Al-Mahaidi, Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences

Having many common interests in the field of strengthening of Structures, we collaborate with Prof. Riadh Al-Mahaidi of the Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure of Swinburne University of Technology. A discovery grant application has been lodged in 2013 in which Prof. Al-Mahaidi is a co investigator.


University of Alabama in Huntsville

Contact: Prof. Vistasp Karbhari, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Being involved with research into the reliability of retrofitted structures, we collaborate with Prof. Karbhari as the pioneer of reliability based design of FRP. Prof. Karbahri is on our recent ARC discovery grant application as partner investigator.



Yong Construction Pty Ltd                                                                

Yong Construction is a large scale developer, active in Australia and neighbouring countries. We provide consulting services to them on pre-fabricated housing and advanced structural solutions.


Certmark Australasia Pty Ltd

With offices in Australia, New Zealand and China, Certmark Australasia (CMA) specialises in the certification of building products and hardware to both Australian and New Zealand standards and the Building Codes of Australia and New Zealand. We perform some of the testing of the products of their clients.


UniQuest Pty Ltd     

UniQuest is one of Australia’s leading research commercialisation companies, specialising in global technology transfer and facilitating access for all business sectors to world class university expertise, intellectual property and facilities. All of our consulting activities are administered through UniQuest.


CRC for Advanced Composite Systems

CRC-ACS is a company funded by industry partners and Australian Government subsidy under the Co-operative Research Centre program whose purpose was to pursue common outcomes for the advancement of composites technology in Australia and around the world. Over the 22 year history of the CRC-ACS many new technologies have been developed and the expertise of the staff has expanded to the extent that the CRC-ACS is now recognised world-wide as one of the premier research and development organisations in the field of Advanced Composites. We cooperate on their project of “Subsea Pipelines Composite Overwrap Repair”.




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