Students’ thesis review

Behrouz, Hassan, Abolfazl, and Vui have presented their thesis review seminars. Congratulations to them.

Welcome Anand


The group is extending a warm welcome to Anand as another new PhD student. He  graduated from Queensland University of Technologys’ Bachelor of Engineering (Civil – Structural) with first class honours and joined UQ directly to start PhD. He will work on post-earthquake fire with the aim of increasing the time available for safe evacuation and emergency services to arrive. The group members wish his success in his PhD.

Welcome Alireza

Alireza Alireza has joined the group as a new PhD student from February 2014. He will work on structural wall systems. The group members welcome him and wish him  success in his new role.


Behrouz received UQ’s class of 2013 Future Leaders award for his contributions at UQ. this award is given to the top 2% of graduates in each year.

Congratulations PJ

Two of PJ’s papers were accepted for oral presentation in APFIS 2013 to be held in Melbourne, Australia. His papers present a comprehensive numerical and experimental study on the web-bonded CFRP retrofitting of RC joints.

Congratulations Abolfazl

Abolfazl’s paper has been accepted for oral presentation at the Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures, APFIS 2013. His experimental work was aimed at flexural strengthening of code-compliant RC beam-column joints using CFRP.

Welcome Shahrzad


group photo

Shahrzad Kasaeian joins the group on 1 October 2013.  She has been awarded an industry supported UQI scholarship.  She will work on cold-formed structures. The group welcomes her and wishes her success in her new role. Shahrzad CV can be found here (Kasaeian, Shahrzad – CV 20121024).

Hamid chaired session at CIA conference


Hamid chaired a session at the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) conference in the Gold Coast on 17 October 2013.  The conference was held on 16 – 18 October 2013.

Congratulation Abolfazl

Abolfazl has won a scholarship from Concrete Institute of Australia to attend the biennial  conference to be held in Gold Coast, Australia (Concrete2013). His paper which has been accepted for oral presentation was selected among more than one hundred papers titled  ”An Experimental Investigation on Flange Bonded Retrofitting of RC Beam-Column Joints using CFRP”. For more information on conference details click here.

Hassan is back from Canada

Hassan has recently come back from Canada where he spent 2 weeks with the VecTor group of prof. Frank Vecchio at the University of Toronto. Read the full story below in his own words.

2013-06-28 12.11.29

During my visit to University of Toronto in June 2013, I was working with Vector Group at the school of civil engineering under the supervision of professor Vecchio. Initially, I had a meeting with one of Vector group members where he showed me around the school and we had discussion about their activities at school of civil engineering. They work on a variety of concrete structures related topics, such as modeling and testing fiber reinforced concrete and developing structural programs for modeling reinforced concrete structures based on modified compression field theory. They have developed comprehensive set of programs that are capable of modeling different features of reinforced concrete structures. In our structural retrofit group at UQ, we need powerful programs capable of simulating experimental specimens and the programs developed by Vector group are of most useful for us. An interesting topic that Vector group has recently been working on is the post-earthquake fire analysis. Currently one of our group members at UQ is working on this subject. In the future, the developed software for post-earthquake analysis can be used in our group.

During my stay at University of Toronto, I worked on behavior of planar reinforced concrete structures with and without FRP sheets. I had couple of meetings with professor Vecchio. In every meeting we discussed the numerical method used for modeling reinforced concrete structures. We worked on different aspects of Vector2 program which is special program for nonlinear analysis of membrane concrete structure. I also had very good discussions and idea exchange with professor Vecchio’s postgraduate students on different subjects. Each of his students is working on developing different program. During these discussions, I learned using another program developed by the group which is called VecTor5. This program is special software for analyzing planar reinforced concrete frames. In part of my research I will use this software for nonlinear analysis of 2D reinforced concrete frames.

In addition to the time that I spent in working on theoretical modeling; I had a wonderful chance to visit the school of civil engineering laboratory. The university of Toronto has the biggest Universal Panel Tester in the world. There was another older Universal Panel Tester machine that was previously used by professor Collins and Vecchio to develop the so called Modified Compression Field Theory and Modified Stress Field Theory. Another interesting research activity in University of Toronto is the investigation of viscous dampers. There were other research activities like fiber reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete structures reinforced with FRP bars and other activities.

Overall, I found my visit to the University of Toronto quite useful. The visit enabled me to complete two papers that we will submit by end of August with Prof. Vecchio being a co-author.


2013-06-28 12.07.00